Literature Review Made Easy by Using Technical Publications

Location: D45a, Sackville Street Building, The University of Manchester

Date:          17th July 2019
Time:          14:00 – 15:00
Theme:      Literature Review Made Easy by Using Technical Publications


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On Wednesday 17th July 2019, the IEEE Student Branch UoM and CIGRE-UK NGN co-hosted an event at The University of Manchester. The event attracted 24 attendees, mostly new MSc and first-year PhD students at UoM.

The event had two primary aims: to increase awareness of IEEE Student Branches / Chapters and CIGRE NGN; and bring attention to the types of resources useful to young researchers produced by the IEEE and CIGRE.

These aims were met in the event through three talks. The first was delivered by James Hill, the CIGRE-UK NGN Institutions Collaborations Lead and Past-Chair of the IEEE PES Student Branch Chapter at UoM. His talk introduced the two institutions of IEEE and CIGRE, explained which publications are available from them, and how to be involved and get the most from the Student / NGN societies.

After this introduction, Prof. Paul Jarman explained how research can actively influence the direction that standards take, and conversely, how standards can help to influence and direct our research. Prof. Jarman drew on his vast experience from involvement with standards related to transformers to explain the process required for their establishment and revision.

Finally, Dr. Mathaios Panteli presented on his experience as a young researcher involved in a CIGRE working group during his PhD. He highlighted how beneficial this was to his career and how ideas he got from conversing with the senior personnel he was exposed to in this environment helped to add significant value to his final thesis.


The event was well received, with feedback from attendees enjoying the open discussion; personal anecdotes providing context to these concepts, and some key tips for assisting with literature reviews and forging of research directions were picked up by all. Tea, coffee and biscuits were available which allowed for networking between attendees and presenters before and after the workshop.

For anyone who missed out on the event, the slides from the talk are available for download below.

Talk 1

Talk 2

Talk 3