IEEE PES Distinguished Lecture

System and market operation with ultra-deep penetration of renewables and distributed energy resources: Experiences from the Australian “real-world lab”

Event: IEEE PES 2023 – A Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP)
Day & Date: Thursday, 7th December, 2023
Time: 14:00 – 17:00 GMT
Organized by: IEEE PES Student Branch Chapter, IEEE IAS SBC at The University of Manchester & Dept EEE

Introduction: With deeper and deeper penetration of variable renewable energy sources (RES) and distributed energy resources (DER) across the world, new challenges are emerging in terms of their grid and market integration. With the support of real experiences from Australia, in this lecture we will illustrate these challenges from a techno-economic perspective, with focus on security and reliability requirements when operating power systems and markets with ultra-high RES and DER. We will then discuss several technical, commercial and regulatory solutions and opportunities that are being deployed or considered, ranging from widespread adoption of both highly distributed and large-scale batteries to the development of “clean super-power” plans based on green hydrogen investment.

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Pierluigi Mancarella

Pierluigi Mancarella is the Chair Professor of Electrical Power Systems at The University of Melbourne, Australia, and part-time Professor of Smart Energy Systems at The University of Manchester, UK.

He received his MSc (2002) and PhD (2006) degrees from the Politecnico di Torino, Italy, worked as a post-doc at Imperial College London, UK, and held visiting positions in the US (NREL), France (Ecole Centrale de Lille), Chile (University of Chile), China (Tsinghua University), and Norway (NTNU).

Pierluigi’s research interests include techno-economic modelling of low-carbon grids, multi-energy systems, energy system planning under uncertainty, and reliability and resilience of future networks. He has been involved in/led more than 80 research projects worldwide, has been actively engaged with energy policy in the UK, Europe and Australia, and is author of several books and of over 400 research publications and reports.

Pierluigi is a Fellow of the IEEE; an IEEE Power and Energy Society Distinguished Lecturer; a Senior Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Power Systems; an Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Energy Markets, Policy and Regulation; the Convenor of the Cigre C6/C2.34 Working Group on “Flexibility provision from distributed energy resources”; and the inaugural Chair of the Working Group on Energy of the IEEE European Public Policy Initiative.

Pierluigi was awarded the 2017 veski Innovation Fellowship by the Victorian Government for his “FlexCity” project on multi-energy urban virtual power plants, and an international Newton Prize 2018 for his UK-Chile Newton-Picarte project on power system resilience. He also led the Melbourne Energy Institute’s work “Power system security assessment of the future National Electricity Market” for the Australian Chief Scientist’s “Finkel Review”. He has recently been working closely with the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) and a number of other industry stakeholders in the development of distributed energy

marketplaces, new power system security, reliability and resilience services and markets, and new methodologies and tools for energy system planning under uncertainty. Pierluigi is the Australian Director of the recently announced US-UK-Australia Global Centre in Climate Change and Clean Energy “Electric Power Innovation for a Carbon-Free Society (EPICS)”.