Industrial Site Visit to Siemens Energy, Manchester

Organised by IEEE–PES SBC at the University of Manchester 

IEEE PES SBC at the University of Manchester organised an industrial site visit to Siemens Energy, Manchester, on 31st of August 2023, for University of Manchester students, graduates, and postgraduates. The industrial site visit was coordinated to help the students in Science & Engineering, to develop and enhance the understanding of theoretical practices and its application in industrial environment.  

The tour attracted many postgraduate student participants across various subject disciplines of the University, such as Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Science, Materials, and Project Management. 

Photo of participants prior to departure to Siemens Energy

Tour participants were coordinated to the site by the IEEE–PES committee representatives: Lois Efe, Meichen Wang, Akansha Garg, Ester Marcel, and Shuai Wang. On arrival at Siemens Energy Manchester facility, participants were welcomed by David Meadows, Head of Engineering at Siemens Energy. David Meadows presented a brief background lecture explaining the role of the company in the energy sector, followed by the introduction to the process of power generation from wind turbines. Participants were also educated on the importance of offshore wind power plants and the related challenges. The global locations of the sites were also presented. Following the lecture, participants were taken on a tour around the Siemens Energy labs and office space.

Participants attending David Meadows presentation at Siemens Energy

SVC PLUS L model at Siemens Energy Facility

Siemens Energy is delivering large-scale, efficient energy generation for the UK, in terms of both offshore and onshore wind power generation. During the visit, it was learnt that the growth in offshore wind is predicted to significantly accelerate over the coming years, with a global outlook of approximately 350 GW cumulatively installed by 2030. Siemens is working towards the goal of scaling up the use of offshore wind turbines.

David Meadows presenting the converter technology implemented at Siemens Energy

Insights of Valve tower at wind power plants

Participants were pleased with the site visit and reported that the visit was a great experience as they learnt in detail about the renewable power generation through wind turbines. Many participants also indicated that they would like to attend future site visits like this.

Photo of participants at the end of the Siemens Energy site tour

The IEEE-PES SBC wish to appreciate the effort of David Meadows, Head of Engineering, Siemens Energy, for all the effort made in facilitating this visit. In addition, the site visit would not have been possible if not for the determination of the following committee members: Miechen Wang (the Industrial Liaison Officer) who contacted the company and agreed to a date and time for the industrial visit; Ester Marcel (the Financial Secretary) who coordinated the payments & registration of participants; Lois Efe (the Committee Vice-Chair) who arranged for the smooth sailing of the tour, Akansha (Committee Secretary) & Shuai Wang (Web Coordinator) who were responsible for coordinating the group during the visit; and most sincerely Airam Perez Guillen (the committee Chair) who contributed immensely by bringing everyone onboard to ensure the success of the site visit. Also appreciated are the efforts of other committee members who contributed in different ways towards the accomplishment of this event.

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Akansha Garg
Secretary, IEEE PES Student Branch Chapter at the University of Manchester