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  1. IEEE PES Student Branch Annual General Meeting – February 2019
  2. Literature Review Made Easy by Using Technical Publications – July 2019
  3. Site Visit to SIEMENS Digital Factory – July 2019


A. Technical:

  1. Accommodating Distributed Energy Resources: Technical, Commercial and Regulatory Challenges – Prof. Keith Bell, University of Strathclyde – April 2019

  2. DLP – Intelligent Control of Electric Vehicles: Lessons Learned from the Largest UK EV Trial – Prof. Luis(Nando) Ochoa, The University of Melbourne; Part-time Professor of The University of Manchester – May 2019

  3. DLP – Flexibility, Reliability and Resilience Services from Distributed Multi-Energy Resources – Prof. Pierluigi Mancarella, The University of Melbourne; Professor of The University of Manchester – July 2019

B. Industrial:

  1. Future Trends in Control and Protection – Mr. Daniel Otto, Siemens – March 2019
  2. Protection Testing – Mr. Tony Porrelli, Omicron – March 2019
  3. Distribution Network Legacy Protection Systems. Challenges and Opportunities for Future Operation. – Mr. Ivan Bolotkov – July 2019