DLP – Intelligent Control of Electric Vehicles: Lessons Learned from the Largest UK EV Trial

Type: IEEE PES Distinguished Lecture Series

Title: Intelligent Control of Electric Vehicles: Lessons Learned from the Largest UK EV Trial

Speaker: Prof. Luis(Nando) Ochoa, The University of Melbourne, Australia; part-time Professor of Smart Grids at The University of Manchester, UK;

Date: 29th May
Time: 3.00-4.00 p.m.
Location: C24, Sackville Street Building, The University of Manchester


This talk will present the large-scale trial “My Electric Avenue” in which a new technology is used to manage the charging points of EVs in a given residential LV feeder to avoid technical issues. As part of this project more than 200 EVs were monitored for over a year to understand usage patterns. The talk will provide an overview of the implementation aspects, the control algorithm, the corresponding benefits, and the potential impacts on EV users.


Prof. Luis(Nando) Ochoa

Luis(Nando) Ochoa is Professor of Smart Grids and Power Systems at The University of Melbourne, Australia and part-time Professor of Smart Grids at The University of Manchester (former UMIST), UK. He is an IEEE PES Distinguished Lecturer since 2015 and an IEEE Senior Member since 2012. From 2007 to 2010 Prof. Ochoa was a Research Fellow in Energy Systems at the University of Edinburgh, UK. In 2010 he also undertook an industrial secondment with the Edinburgh-based company Psymetrix Ltd (now part of GE). Prof. Ochoa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering received from UNI (Peru), and a Research MSc and a PhD in Electrical Power Engineering, both received from UNESP Ilha Solteira (Brazil). He is the co-author of 150+ research papers (list of publications and Research Gate) in peer-reviewed top-class international journals and conferences and 60+ technical reports. He is also the co-inventor of two patent, one filed by Psymetrix Ltd (now part of GE) and one filed by The University of Melbourne.

PDF Slides: Here

If you are interested in this topic and want to find more technical information, Prof. Luis (Nando) Ochoa recommended some papers to you. Please find the paper information in the PDF slides.