What is MEEPS?

MEEPS is a student organised 1-day workshop that gives students a chance to experience a conference-style event, at low cost. This year the topic is set around ‘A Journey Towards a Future Power Grid.

I have a conference close to MEEPS – can I present the same paper?

YES! There is not a proceedings publication from MEEPS and so we encourage young researchers to use it to get experience.
For researchers who are due to present a paper soon after MEEPS, this can be an invaluable opportunity to practise delivering their work in a safe yet professional environment.
For people who have already presented on a publication, you can use MEEPS to further showcase the fruits of your labours to a wide audience – including people from industry.

I’m from industry and I think my company is a good fit for MEEPS. What can I do to help?

If you think your company fits well with the MEEPS topic, you can contact where we would be delighted to hear from you regarding your proposals.