Update 29th April: Today we invited Prof. Keith Bell from University of Strathclyde to the technical lecture ‘Accommodating Distributed Energy Resources: Technical, Commercial and Regulatory Challenges’. It was a really wonderful lecture. So many students joint this lecture and we had a really good discussion about energy management. If you missed the technical lecture, don’t forget to download the slides PDF copies.

Update 8th April: We have our second committee meeting today. And we are going to have another technical lecture by Prof. Keith Bell from University of Strathclyde. As for WinE activity, Dr. Jessica Louise Boland, a lecturer in Functional Materials and Devices in the Materials and Devices Division in the School of EEE at the University of Manchester, will give a wonderful talk and a workshop. Look forward to the activity, Women in Engineering 2019.  

Update 8th March: The Industrial Lectures are really wonderful. Thank Daniel Otto from Siemens and Tony Porrelli from Omicron for their sharing knowledge about the future trend in control, protection and protection testing. It’s a really good chance to know more practical knowledge about industry.

Update 14th February: Our AGM took place yesterday and the new committee has been now elected!

— 2018—

Update 6th November: Thanks for all those who attended and helped out with MEEPS 2018. It was a huge success and a special thanks to our sponsors! We hope you all enjoyed it! Additionally, keep watching our web and social media sites for coming events!

Update 26th September: Today we delivered our second women in engineering event successfully!! We had a great turnout, inspiring talks regarding work-life balance and a super-useful workshop regarding setting SMART goals!!

Update 5th August: Another sponsor for MEEPS 2018 is now confirmed! We are delighted to announce that TNEI will also sponsor MEEPS 2018 this year!!

Update 2nd August: Check this article regarding our recent visit in Peel Energy Frodsham wind farm!

Update 23rd July: We have confirmed our first sponsor for MEEPS 2018!! With great technical expertise in transformer insulation and diagnostics, Weidmann is uniquely placed to deliver first class global solutions offering a range of monitorssensorssoftware platforms and diagnostic laboratory services.

Update 5th July: We are delighted to have confirmed the opening address for MEEPS 2018! Please check here for more details!

Update 7th May: Manchester Conference Centre has been confirmed as home of MEEPS for second year!

Update 6th Apr: We will hold a Women in Engineering event on 26th of September 2018, supported by the school of EEE, with theme “Work / Life balance in modern engineering disciplines: differences among genders”!

Update 13th Nov: Thanks for all those who attended and helped out with MEEPS. It was a huge success and a special thanks to our sponsors! We hope you all enjoyed it! Additionally, look out for coming events in December and next year!