6 thoughts on “MEEPS 2018 Q&A”

  1. I am wondering whether the papers for this workshop will get published in the IEEE Digital Library? If not please can you let me know whethere there will be a proceeding for this workshop?

    1. At this stage, we do not currently issue a proceedings to IEEE Digital Library. This is to allow presenters to use MEEPS as a practise venue for presenting work or as an opportunity to share their research to a wider field of their peers – we are aware that conferences can be imposing for students new to presenting and MEEPS is a good way of gaining confidence and skills (and possibly winning some money!).

      We do endeavour to provide a USB drive with as many presentations and posters on as possible (including our key note speeches), although we are aware that some speakers may have confidentiality concerns we address on a case-by-case basis.

    1. We do not print posters – please bring your own!

      If this would be a problem for you (e.g. you are flying in) then we can help you with some local printing arrangements on request.

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