DLP – Flexibility, Reliability and Resilience Services from Distributed Multi-Energy Resources

Type: IEEE PES Distinguished Lecture Series

Title: Flexibility, Reliability and Resilience Services from Distributed Multi-Energy Resources

Speaker: Prof. Pierluigi Mancarella, The University of Melbourne, Australia; Professor of Smart Energy Systems at The University of Manchester, UK;

Date: 1st July 2019
Time: 5.30-6.30 p.m.
Location: D45a, Sackville Street Building, The University of Manchester



The aim of this IEEE Power and Energy Society Distinguished Lecture is to discuss the main concepts about provision of power system flexibility and reliability and resilience services from distributed energy resources (DER), also including interactions with other energy vectors such as heat, cooling, transport, hydrogen, etc. in the context of multi-energy systems (MES). Specific applications, covering technical, commercial and regulatory aspects, will refer to a number of recent projects in the UK and Australia, including ongoing work with system operators, transmission and distribution network operators, the Australian Energy Regulator, and the Australian Energy Market Commission, particularly to address emerging issues to deal with increasingly low-carbon and low-inertia grids with deep penetration of renewables and DER.

Specific topics and applications that will be covered include:

  • Flexibility, reliability and resilience: what is what and why now
  • Urban virtual power plants: flexibility and grid services from buildings and distributed PV-storage
  • Batteries or electrolysers? Storage technology competition and cooperation in providing fast frequency response and other ancillary services
  • Reliability markets for low-carbon, low-inertia systems and role of DER
  • Resilience from multi-energy microgrids: distribution network and system-level benefits
  • Case studies: Greater Manchester “electrification for decarbonisation” modelling; the University of Melbourne Virtual Power Plant; the Port Lincoln electricity-hydrogen multi-commodity energy hub; the August 2018’s Separation Event in Australia.


Prof. Pierluigi Mancarella
Prof. Pierluigi Mancarella

Pierluigi Mancarella is Chair Professor of Electrical Power Systems at The University of Melbourne, Australia, and Professor of Smart Energy Systems at The University of Manchester, UK. He received the MSc and PhD degrees from the Politecnico di Torino, Italy, worked as a post-doc at Imperial College London, UK, and held several visiting positions in US, France, Chile, and China. His research interests include multi-energy systems, energy system planning under uncertainty, and reliability and resilience of future networks. He has been involved in/led around 50 research projects worldwide and actively engaged with energy policy in Europe and Australia. Pierluigi is author of several books and of over 200 research publications, an Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Power Systems and of the IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, the convenor of the Cigre C6/C2.34 Working Group on “Flexibility from distributed energy resources”, and an IEEE Power and Energy Society Distinguished Lecturer. Pierluigi holds the 2017 veski Innovation Fellowship by the Victorian Government and was recently awarded an international Newton Prize 2018 for his UK-Chile Newton-Picarte project on resilience.